It’s not easy to reinvent the system while facing the daily onslaught of marketing duties. You have to work, reflect and readjust all at once. In the case of the pilot project, we didn’t have the luxury of time. We had one quarter to change the trajectory of the concert-promotion campaign.

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Re-branding the Strategy

In the fight for relevance, market search, and new audiences, even the most sophisticated companies sometimes need strategic guidance. In 2014, a particularly influential Shoes Brand came to Sparkr with several big challenges. They were looking for ways to better integrate their Leads, sharpen their focus on users and make more data-driven decisions. Rebranding the Brand!

Our methodology starts with clarity on purpose, goals and objectives. We focus on the customer and the buying journey, keeping them both front and center. To find this clarity, we asked the following questions:

1.Who are our customers, what are their needs, and how can we help them through the buying journey?

2.What do we need to accomplish to make an impact on the business?

3.What new ideas do we want to test?

4.Where do we think we need to get better?